Our dental practice

Our dental practice offers a wide range of dental care services, from screening for tooth and gum diseases to the most complex treatments.

Dr Frédéric Boschung

Dr Frédéric Boschung is a graduate of the Geneva Institute of Dental Medicine, affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva. His practice team includes a fellow dentist, a dental hygienist, two dental assistants and two dental secretaries.

Our practice, which has been looking after patients for more than twenty-five years, is part of the Society of Dentists of the canton of Vaud (SVMD) and the Swiss Dental Association (SSO).

Early detection

We can preserve the quality of your teeth with early detection of disorders and cavities. Together with the patient, we will find solutions to any problems we find.

We offer cosmetic whitening treatments and cosmetic restorations using composites and ceramic veneers.

Specialised dental care

Gum disorders are treated using appropriate dental-hygiene procedures (prophylaxis, tartar removal, scaling, etc.) or periodontal surgery.

When tooth replacement cannot be avoided, our years of experience at the cutting edge of dental surgery and implantology techniques ensure optimum results.

We perform functional restorations with crowns and fixed bridges or removable prosthetics.

We can also correct crooked teeth in adults using the Invisalign® alignment system.

‘Thank you for your interest in our practice. We would be delighted to welcome you to our clinic in Vevey.’