Dr Frédéric Boschung - Dental practice in Vevey

Dental surgeon in Vevey, more than 25 years of experience in dentistry

Located in Vevey, across from the Panorama car park and about 500 metres from the train station, Dr Frédéric Boschung’s dental practice provides dental care in a warm and friendly setting.

We speak French, German, English and Italian.

Dental hygiene

Our qualified dental hygienist will look after your oral and dental health while helping you learn the basics of preventative care.

Paediatric dentistry - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey

Paediatric dentistry

Branch of dental medicine devoted to the care of children and adolescents.

Conservative dental care - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey

Conservative dental care

Early detection of oral and dental conditions, especially cavities, via regular thorough check-ups can result in easier solutions.

Cosmetic dentistry - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey

Cosmetic dentistry

The natural appearance of the teeth can change over time due to wear and tear, discolouration, old fillings, etc.

Invisalign - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey


Teeth alignment treatments for adults.

Reconstructive prosthetics - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey

Reconstructive prosthetics

Patients wishing to replace one or more missing teeth can choose between fixed or removable prosthetics.

Surgery - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey


Receding gums or serious conditions affecting the tissues that support the teeth can be treated with different surgical techniques.

Implants - Dr Frédéric Boschung - Vevey


Many people lose teeth over the course of their life,

owing to accidents, cavities, gum disease or other reasons.

Implants, functional and cosmetic restorations